• Award Winning Tensile Fabric Structures

  • Design, Manufacture, Installation and Servicing

  • Highest Quality Materials and Components

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J & J Carter is a name synonymous with award winning tensile fabric structures.

We provide turnkey solutions for the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of all types of fabric structures and enclosures, including event marquees and sports halls, along with providing a range of accessories and transportation products.

A J & J Carter structure is of the highest quality materials and components, with long life expectancy, capable of meeting all fire & safety regulations and supplied with a manufacturer’s 10 year warranty.



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  • Access to 35 years of business experience, only when you need it

  • Research to Build Knowledge

  • Sales Strategies to Grow Business

  • Growth Strategies to Achieve Goals

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Anne is a trusted adviser, specialising in sales and growth strategies. A cost-effective solution if you need extra support but don’t need a full-time subject matter expert.

Services Include:
Research - Build Knowledge
• Plan for Industry and Economic change
• Understand your clients and their preferences
• Identify opportunities for growth
• Monitor competition
• Change management

Sales - Grow Business 
• Business Development Strategy
• Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition
• Increasing revenue through product diversification, market and geographical expansion
• Optimisation of existing client base
• Client propositions
• Tender Strategy and Writing

Growth Strategies - Achieve Goals

• Alignment of new business strategy with priorities for business growth

Help where you need it most:

• Copy writing, CV review and update, promotional material, translating ideas into action.

Contact Details:
Mobile: 07976 596 165

  • Professional Design & Drafting Solutions

  • 2D & 3D Drawing/Visualisation

  • AutoCAD Models and Drawings

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Digi Design Co provides professional design & drafting solutions along with 2D & 3D drawing/visualisation to the UK’s Event Industry. Our experience and expertise in Event Design has allowed us to meet the demands of some of the most ground breaking and innovative events within the industry to date. Outsourcing your drawing work to us enables you to guard against unexpected drawing costs at the end of a project. We always work with our clients in the most transparent way possible to ensure all parties gain from using our services. We have become an integral part of many companies’ successes over the years, delivering high drawing standards and time effective solutions for some of the biggest events in the country.
Our customers include:
  • Suppliers of Temporary Structures within the UK, Europe and USA
  • Air Con and Temperature Control Manufacturers
  • Suppliers of Temporary Accommodation for Music Festivals
  • National and International Airshows
  • Leading Music Festivals
  • Event Caterers
  • Event furniture solutions
  • Respected Event Organisers
  • Major Sporting Events
Working closely with these clients, we have developed not only AutoCAD models and drawings, but systems which have reduced the build cost, allowed projects to reduce labour costs as well as reducing potential mistakes and installation errors. Digi Design Co has vast experience in every aspect of CAD operations, offering unparalleled standards of flexibility and service.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Portable and Fixed Staging

  • Seating Tiers and Structures

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As our name suggests, Stage & Tiers specialises in staging and seating tier structures - both portable and fixed.

We have been doing this for more than a quarter of a century. Our customers range from the Royal Albert Hall to the Royal Air Force, from the National Theatre to the London Olympics, from the Barbican Concert Hall to Salisbury Cathedral. As well as hundreds of less well-known venues and institutions.

Our long association with the performing arts includes time on stage, front of house and running a staging hire business. It has since grown to include designing and building stages and seating tier structures for major theatres, concert halls and opera houses.

Our aim is to listen to all relevant stakeholders so we can offer what is genuinely the most practical solution: durable equipment and a methodology that is reliable, repeatable and safe.

Our staging systems come with a lifetime guarantee.


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  • Privately Owned

  • Highly Creative

  • Multi Award Winning

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Imaginators are a privately owned, highly creative, multi award winning large, wide and superwide format digital print production company.

We specialise in providing beautiful bespoke printed solutions to the event, entertainment, music and sport markets. We work throughout the UK and Europe.

Operating from purpose built 18000sq/ft offices located conveniently close to London, our in-house facilities provide a versatile production facility for agencies in event, music and entertainment using the world’s most advanced industrial digital printing technology.

Imaginators in-house services include site scope and audits, project management, print production, installation, derig, and storage for event branding and graphics. Imaginators are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accredited.

We’d love to share our ingenuity, innovation and inspiration for creating award winning event branding and graphics for your next event or festival.


  • Leading supplier of Event Structures & Temporary Buildings

  • Over 80 years of experience

  • Family-run business

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Founded more than 80 years ago, Neptunus remains a family-run business known for the creativity and innovation of its temporary structures. With a head office in The Netherlands and divisions in the UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and Austria, Neptunus has a proven track record in the design, manufacture and delivery of all types of temporary buildings.

Neptunus Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neptunus BV based in The Netherlands. Its UK operation is located in Swan Valley, Northampton, where the company has purpose built offices, storage and maintenance facilities. Neptunus has over 500,000 square metres of high quality structures in a wide range of styles.

With cassette flooring systems, Neptunus’ flexible and spacious structures provide ideal solutions for short-term or longer-term rental requirements. Visit our website for more information.

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Trinity College

  • Interior Design, Construction and Linings

  • Thermal and Acoustic Barrier Systems

  • The Latest Building and Construction Technologies

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Fluid Design & construction

Specialists in interior design, construction and linings in temporary structures. Fluid specialise in working abroad including USA, Europe and AE.

Fluid – Bespoke Interiors for Temporary Structures

Our reputation for outstanding quality and innovation is a product of our hard work and dedication to our clients. Our vast experience and industry knowledge means we have the qualifications to deliver a marquee or temporary interior that will always be exceptional.

Fluid is an industry leader in the creation of specialist high quality interiors for temporary structures. Headquartered in Lower Godney near Glastonbury (UK) and with facilities around Europe and the USA, Fluid’s goal is to help create lasting experiences by producing innovative interiors for large-scale, sporting and business events.

From the London 2012 Olympic Hospitality Centre to the Armed Forces accommodation facilities in Kandahar (Afghanistan), Fluid have redefined interiors with unique ideas and environmental solutions, bringing the latest building and construction technologies to temporary structures.

Thermal and Acoustic Barrier Systems (TABS)

Fluid have become expert in the manufacture and delivery of highly effective insulation systems for temporary structures. With TABS we deliver systems to clients in many different parts of the world. We work on a wide variety of projects, at any time and in almost all environments. If your temporary structure needs to be insulated for noise, thermal, fire or radiant effects then, by design, it has to be TABS.

TABS barriers are made of the highest standards of fire retardant materials offering unparalleled levels of protection. They are non-combustable and will not melt or drip – A claim that cannot be made by suppliers of PVC systems.

The TABS systems effectiveness in unsurpassed in the current market. Thermal insulation levels that can offer up to 78% savings on energy costs and reduce sound levels by 30 DB are simply way ahead of historic solutions.

  • Over One Million Permanent and Demountable Seats

  • Worldwide Services

  • Olympics, Commonwealth Games and F1 Grand Prix Circuits

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Since the companies inception in 1993 SSL has designed, manufactured and installed over one million permanent and demountable seats for a diverse range of clients and requirements, from conference venues and sporting events worldwide, such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and F.I. Grand Prix Circuits.


  • Delivery Partners Around the World

  • Uncomplicated and Cost Effective Approach

  • Detailed Staff Briefings
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Why NoNonsense Group for your staging and temporary structures? Born from a passion to deliver amazing projects for interesting people, NoNonsense was set up in 2011 and brings together a globally experienced team who design and build award winning structures. From temporary buildings to clearspan bridges, festival stages to screen supports, rigging solutions to short term studios; the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are looking for a complete delivery solution, logistical expertise, local knowledge on a global scale or you simply wish to extend your own team for a specific project, NoNonsense is here to help deliver your project.

At NoNonsense we offer you an uncomplicated and cost effective approach. The name says it all – we offer a straightforward solution. Our modular kit allows us to be flexible in the way that we design and build structures. Safety is a key consideration in everything that we do and this is reflected in the paperwork provided to accompany every project. Our crew are trained and highly competent so you can feel confident that NoNonsense will deliver your project on time and on budget.

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Eve supplies temporary access systems and related services from trakway systems, barriers, fencing, traffic management, security, gantries, grandstands and seating.

Eve attributes its far from temporary existence, of nearly 50 years, to its customer service record, attention to detail and meticulous project management. By building great relationships with customers, and by employing fully trained and qualified staff, Eve have found that keeping up impossibly high standards is actually very possible. So however fast Eve turn jobs round for you, and the answer is usually very, speed is never to the detriment of service.

You’re always in safe hands.

  • Trakway systems – Temporary roadways and walkways, in aluminium, plastic and timber, plus pitch coverings and bridges for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Barriers and fencing – Fencing from 2m to 4.12m in height and heavy duty to lightweight barriers, plus turnstiles and front of stage barriers.
  • Traffic management – Traffic control systems and special signage.
  • Security – Onsite security systems and guards.
  • Gantries – Unique designed gantries that are branded to suit each individual event.
  • Grandstands – The ideal solution to temporary seating.
  • Seating – Stage systems can be used to

  • Worldwide Solutions

  • Temporary and Permanent Washrooms

  • Water and Waste Pipe Management

Visit Igloos

IGLOOS is the leading specialist company providing temporary and permanent washrooms as well as water and waste pipe management to the events and refurbishment industries.  Top events across the globe look to IGLOOS for their expertise and innovative designs using the most efficient technology in waste handling and water conservation.


  • Weather Monitoring

  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Ozone

  • Nitrous Oxide

  • Nitrous Oxide

  • Particulates, (PM10 & PM2.5)

Visit R-P-R

RPR, a British company founded in Lymington in 1992 specialising in the design and manufacture of precision electronic wind weather monitoring and datalogging solutions, they have over 20 years of experience in the wind and weather monitoring market and have been supplying many customers within the events and temporary structure market.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd have developed a real-time wind and weather monitoring solution using their cloud solution This allows live data display at both a local level and via the public internet fulfilling requirements for monitoring of actual loads and weight distribution related to wind speed and direction in line with the Institution of Structural Engineers guidance on temporary demountable structures, procurement, design and use.

Richard Paul Russell ltd are also the official UK distributor for Kestrel hand held wind instruments.

By using these products you will be joining others including the sailing elite, America's Cup teams, round the world sailors and Olympic medallists. Health & Safety, Construction, Festival management, Industry, Sport and Military markets.

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