01/ Ione

Intelligent Structures

For clients who consider sustainability a top priority.

Intelligent Structures blend the beneficial characteristics of traditional temporary demountable buildings with green designs that can be multi-purpose, become permanent, lower the lifetime cost of the building and reduce its environmental footprint.

IONE optimises extensive experience of temporary structures and the wider disciplines of:

  • Environmental Economics
  • Ecological Resource Management and Conservation
  • Town and Country Planning

We work collaboratively to design a project-specific building with features such as: -

  • Energy efficient walling, incorporating photovoltaic panels or solar thermal collectors
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Rainwater harvesting and recycling
  • Daylighting and LED lighting
  • HVAC innovations such as energy recovery ventilation, HEPA air filtration and economiser modes
  • Occupancy sensing controls
  • Chiller plants, micro wind turbines

Intelligent architecture has high value for social, environmental and economic development due to limited land and resource and increasing population levels. Such architecture can transform a space into a multi-purpose, statement facility that can be continually reinvented and relocated.

02/ Sustainability, Recycling and waste Management

Sustainability, Recycling and waste Management

Sustainability has become a key evaluation criterion. Integrating environmental and social responsibility issues into event planning leaves a positive legacy.


Global reycling


03/ Planning, Logistics and Design

Planning, Logistics and Design

Preparation and planning incorporates all aspects of delivering a project on time and within budget and ensures communication and collaboration throughout the life of the project. Paying attention to planning, logistics and design ensures you exceed attendee expectations and your client’s goals.

Planning Logistics
and Drawings.

Good design
reduces construction.

04/ Services and Project Management

Services and Project Management

Working ‘open book’ from ‘enquiry to cash’ ensures immersion in all aspects of the project to achieve the project’s goals.


Graphics and Printing


05/ CAD Design, Graphics and Printing

CAD Design, Graphics and Printing

Technology is key to visualise the look and feel of the event from the outside in order to enable the project team to ‘Imagine It, Build It’

CAD Design

Reduces construction