Armstrong Ceilings hit the heights at Farnborough 2016

The total amount of tiles recycled by Armstrong Ceilings at the airshow has risen again.

Armstrong Ceilings continues to break the mould for recycling building materials at the Farnborough International Airshow.

The UK manufacturer has again exceeded the amount of ceiling tiles it recycles at the bi-annual show it has supplied for the past four events, this year some 14,769m2 compared to the 13,400m2 it recycled in 2014 – the first time the company employed its Off-Cut scheme as well as its End-Of-Life scheme.

Not only that, the amount of mineral ceilings recycled from the potential from more than 200 temporary corporate hospitality and business chalets and exhibition halls on site rose from 61% in 2014 to 79.8% this year, winning praise from the show’s head of operational development and Health and Safety.



Canon Expo


Working for creative agency Imagination Europe, Eve supplied and installed 1,265 of their innovative dual sided temporary roadway panels complete with bespoke edge ramping, thus creating a versatile access solution for both vehicles and pedestrians from initial build phase throughout the duration of the event.

With the trakway installation taking place late September, more than 3km of roadway had to be installed within less than 16 hours to satisfy tenancy restrictions and to ensure the site was easily accessible for other contractors to adhere to the rigorous and complex site build. A variety of products were used during this initial phase to ensure a smooth surface for all users despite the site’s natural challenges. Bespoke panels were used to infill small areas where our standard products were too large and edge ramping was installed to create a smooth transition between temporary roadway and existing accesses.

By utilising our industry unique ‘grab’ system, we ensured on site productivity was increased whilst at the same time mitigating any health and safety issues on site. During the Canon Expo, more than 18,500 visitors viewed the exhibition over the three days that the event was held.

Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association



We were commissioned originally in 2015, and then again in 2016 following the success of the upgraded accommodation, to provide three 20 pen muddler structures.

Using our Hampshire Series 90 Aluminium Keder System for the root Arches and Columns made from steel box section, we were able to provide a Modular System that consisted of bays that were 3.6m wide allowing the client to only use the amount of bays they had the space to erect. The roof was covered with white flame retardant PVC coated polyester with printed end panels to promote brand awareness. I think you will agree the pigs look very comfy.